Thursday, February 4, 2010

Birthday Tease

So my birthday is in 3 day eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I am sooo excited! I have never been too big on birthdays, but for some reason this year is different. I am really excited because I will be celebrating my birthday 3 weekends in a row (I know I am a brat). Tomorrow Mr. J and I will be exploring San Francisco and ending the night in a very Wicked way. Ok that sounded a little pervy so clarification… Mr. J and I are going to see Wicked in SF, hurray! I am super excited to explore San Francisco and enjoy a day in the bay. After what I know will be a great Friday, will come a fabulous Saturday. On Saturday we are going to see RENT. It’s a very New York type of birthday. Let me explain why this is such an awesome celebration. About 2 years ago Mr. J gave me a check for my birthday, I know not too romantic, but it was. I have always wanted, and continue to want, to visit the big apple. Mr. J gave me this check and in the memo line he wrote “New York Trip”. This actually brought me to tears, especially since I have a good friend in the east coast that I am dying to visit. That same night we tried booking my New York trip, after getting of the phone with my friend it became clear that this trip was going to be postponed for some time…it is still being postponed. Being able to see these wonderful Broadway musicals is one step closer to getting to NY. Yet I continue to long for a trip to NY and I know some day we will be able to take a bite of the big apple.

So this is my little birthday tease, I will post photos later as well as a birthday wish list. Have a great Friday.

Love, Pita


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