Monday, February 22, 2010

Owl Collection...and it begins!

Hello friends!
I have been away for a quick second, but now I am back, hoping to post 2 blogs today. The first blog is something a little selfish. So recently I came across Yellow Goat, a great blog, but what makes it even better is this recent give away. I have mentioned before how I am now collecting Owls with one exception, my owls need to have “jobs”. Wha? Let me splain, the little owls I have so far all do something. Here, let me show you…

This little owl is an incense burner.

This little one is a flowerpot or vase. I also have an owl that is a whistle, but I don’t have a picture of him.

And finally my favorite little pair, these owls, which are just perfect porcelain napkin rings.

Well getting back to the selfish nature of this post. Yellow Goat is giving away a set of 6, YES 6 of these little guys and I WANT THEM!!!!! So to get into the drawing I have to post on her blog and blog about her blog, not that that’s a hard thing to do being that the blog rocks.
So I am in love with these porcelain napkin rings and knowing my luck I will prob not be the winner, yet I still have the hope that I can one day find a set of my own.

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