Friday, March 26, 2010

Back on Track!

Hello! I have been trying to get my act together this past month; can you believe March is almost done? Life is crazy right now, but I am grateful for the craziness or crazy mess of things. I have placed many goals on myself and have been able to keep up with some of them, while barely acknowledging the rest. I find that if I make “to do” list my ability to actually do the things on the list grows exponentially. That being said, I have to admit that I have been a little lazy this month. My outings have diminished and have just recently been revived and my constant photo taking has been overshadowed by my inability to think of anything creative or beautiful to take a picture of. Thankfully I feel that I am well on my way towards a new creative horizon. I have stopped trying to impress my fellow crafters and artist and have now accepted and embraced my creative spirit and its quirkiness. I can admit that many of my little creations are influenced and inspired by a great array of beautiful minds, but by finally admitting to myself that I must stay true to myself I have been able to get back on track. My constant job hunting did drain my spirit; I mean how can it not (those that are in the same boat know what I am talking about). Now that my “job” has stabilized and the weather is amazing I know that I will be creating like no other! So hold on blogger world, I hope to write, create, post, and ponder more and more.

Have a happy spring! Let me know what make you happy.

Ps. I don’t really proof read my post, so pardon if it tends to ramble ☺

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