Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Birthday Extravaganza Month!

February is long gone and with it goes my birthday celebrations. In total I was fortunate enough to celebrate my birthday 3 different times….yes, yes it’s a little much but hey, why not? The first weekend Mr. J the amazing was wonderful enough to take me to see Wicked in the bay. Not only did Mr. J get great tickets to see Wicked, but he also planned a full day of California Academy of Science fun! We had a blast; it was so amazing and educational. After the wonderful world of science we had a great dinner at Q, this really cute dinner. It was crazy yummy and very chill. The only thing I could say about Wicked is………AMAZING!

The following two weekends were filled with behind the scene tours of The Dodger Stadium, Mochi, Korean BBQ, Mardi Gras Party, drinks and dinner with friends and basically the most amazing birthday celebration to date. Its hard to believe that another year is behind me and I am now a year older and hopefully wiser.

Oh yea, I forgot to mention the most wonderful gift ever! Mr. J is so great; he gave me a guitar as a birthday/Valentine's day celebration.

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