Saturday, January 22, 2011

Caturday Continued....Valentines Day Decorations

So after the last post my crafty night began.  I am a kinder/1st grade teacher and I am in constant need of decorations.  Many decorations look cheap and are really expensive, and sometimes they are inexpensive but not very cute.  This lead me to start thinking of inexpensive and durable alternatives.  And here is my attempt at $4 valentines day decorations.

I started by spray painting these little beauties.

They are supposed to be red and pink, but the ones that are pink look cream :-/

Then I decided to use some glitter, everything is better with glitter right?  Wrong!  I am not sure if I like the outcome, but I will see once they dry.  If they don't come out looking the way I want them to I will just scrape off the glitter re-spray paint.

This is what I will be doing the rest of the night....correcting this disaster.  Ugh, when I was younger I would have not been seen in public with nails like this.  I am going to try something new and fun, we will see how my new "fancy" nails turn out.



  1. Nice work! What are the hearts made from?

  2. The hearts are made out of wood, I purchased them from the craft store.

  3. What about glitter on a puffy paint? like the kind u use for shirts? Might be able to define your outline better & make the "horid" glitter work to your advantage. (plus only one bottle should be necessary!)