Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Caturday!

Today was a very good day. Mr. J and I cleaned our bedroom, did some laundry all while listening to some bad a** music and all before noon.  We also had the opportunity to go grocery shopping, something we had not done since god knows when.  The only down turn to the day was the 40 min, YES 40min, wait time to check out.  I guess we were not the only ones trying to finish the "to do" list this weekend.

On a crafty note, I picked up some craft supplies this week and I am now starting my crafting night.

Would you like to know my obsession at this moment.....

Spray paint!  
Anything and everything can be spray painted and I love the results.

My little collection

Here are some pics of my project to come, well one of them at least.

These will be hanging in my classroom very soon, they just need a little color. 

These will also be used in my classroom, they just need a little somthin somethin'

I will post some "after" pictures shortly.


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