Monday, January 24, 2011


So this my most recent creation.  My kinder and 1st grade kiddos need help with word spacing.  On many teacher websites they sell whats called "spacemen".  They are basically clothes pins painted to look like little astronauts, get it space men.  These little guys are used when writing on kid paper to space words correctly.  Many young writers have a hard time spacing their words correctly, these "spacemen" provide the right amount of space in between each word.  They are great writing tools, but at $25 bucks or so for 25, they are just not financially practical, especially since I can make my own.

Here is my inspiration.

I found some clothes pins at my local Michaels for $4.

First I spray painted all the flat clothes pins.

I created somewhat of an assembly line. I decided one detail to paint and painted that detail on each clothes pin.

After I finished painting them I simply took my trusty black sharpie and drew in the face and outlined some details.

Ta-Dah!!! My cute little "Spacemen" ready to help the little ones become amazing writers.

Total cost for my 30 spacemen: $4, I already had all of my materials.  Total time spent, about an hour. YAY!!!!!


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