Saturday, February 5, 2011

Last Weekend as a 28 Year Old. Gulp!

Today started off really well.  I went to sleep after 1 or so and I still woke up at 8am.  I stayed in bed, but I was able to get some web things done, it was really nice.

After waking up and cleaning up a little I went to Denios, a flea market in Roseville, with my friends Courtney.  We had a good time, I found a really cute owl figurine to add to my collection and also bought some yummy fresh veggies. I love Denios, its so kitschy and fun.  I always find the best things there and always enjoy the sun and people watching when I go.


Now I sit here thinking of what to cook for dinner.  I think Mr. J and I will take a little midtown field trip and check out a few good movies.  I really want to go watch these movies, but then I feel my art studio calling my name.  I really want to organize my room, I can't work in there and I think once I get it done (yet again) I will be in there more often.

I have been wanting to see Blue Valentine, and after reading a little about it I am really excited to see it.

So far this weekend has had a great start, I am enjoying myself, lets see what the rest of my 28th year of life has in store.  Turning 29 is not as scary as I imagined, but I still feel a little flutter in my heart when I really think about it.

Side note listening to: She & Him


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