Saturday, February 26, 2011

30 before 30 list

This is my 30 before 30 list. I felt I had to complete it because I had an epiphany today, I’m F-ing 29! WTF when did this happen? LOL!
This is my last year in my twenties. I know its not the end of the word, but I want to end my twenties with a bang! I know I have a 2011 list, but this list develops my “2011” list a little further and has plenty of details.
So here is the list, lets see how many I can actually cross off at this time next year.

1. Learn a couple of basic phrases in sign language.
2. Go whale watching
3. Get my tattoo
4. Travel to Mexico one more time
5. Visit to NYC and DC
6. Clean, organize and make my craft room inspiring.
7. Paint a mural in my little home
8. Finish our master bedroom, i.e. curtains, headboard, and decorations.
9. Plant a garden, landscape out backyard.
10. Paint 10 paintings.
11. Get my etsy/blog rolling!
12. Get my Montessori Teaching Certificate.
13. Stay at a bed and breakfast with the hubby
14. Visit all of the National Parks in California (2 to go)
15. Drop 3 dress sizes, loose 30 pounds (for health reasons more than physical appearance)
16. Create 29 crafts from my “inspiration” folder
17. Have a picnic
18. Have a photo shoot in Davis
19. Visit Napa and make a day of it!
20. Drive to Portland
21. Start my Vintage clothing store on Etsy
22. Learn how to cook 3 “fancy” dishes and 1 dessert
23. Organize, clean and decorate my closet
24. Volunteer at the SPCA
25. Organize my classroom/lessons/Montessori things for the next school year.
26. Run a 5K
27. Learn to play “Thinking about you” by Radiohead on my little guitar.
28. Host a Clothing Swap party.
29. Host a “Fancy” dinner party
30. Have an amazing “Mad Men/Yellow and Gray” 30th Birthday Party.

Lets see how many I can cross off.


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