Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nerdy Crafts..... I Love Them!!

I found my next nerdy craft!  I took inspiration from this craft.  A very much "why didn't I think of this" craft.  I love how quirky it is and how happy it makes me :)

I will take an Ikea frame (which I love and often use) and will do a little painting of my own.  Crafty summer is going to be great!!!!




  1. Very cute!
    Sorry I missed you today! I kept my eye out for ya at the craft fair, pinata festival, and second saturday, but I never saw you! Next time we'll have to plan better, lol

  2. Nikki! I know, it was a crazy Second Saturday, so much going on. I saw a few friends but not you. Oh well, next time :)