Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Project ReStyle

sleeve detailXL men's sweater > cute blazerFork bangle: before & afterFork bangle: afterRestyled clockOld clock, new clock
After -Key HolderAfter -Key HolderBefore -Key HolderDyed dollar skirt gone pinkRepurposed Vintage Metal TrayRepurposed Vintage Metal Tray
Repurposed Vintage Metal TrayRepurposed Vintage Metal TrayBlue Skirt AfterBlue Skirt AfterBefore Blue Knit Dressafter photo!
old brown dresserLamp BaseLamp 1Lamp Restylevintage luggage -- aftervintage luggage -- before

Project ReStyle, a group on Flickr.

I have always wanted to work on a restyle project. I love repurposing items to make new and better things. I feel that our society has become very wasteful and I want to do my part to make our little planet better.

I hope to post some projects on here soon. I have tons of thrift store finds that need some tweaks, and I hope to work on them as soon as possible.



  1. That sounds a great group, must check it out :-)

  2. @Pearl, it is! I love looking at this page. I really want to start working on some restyle projects asap.