Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Talking Thrift and Dreams

The idea of starting my own little Vintage Clothing store online has been on my mind for some time now.  I have been thinking of taking the plunge and just going for it.  I have been weary of doing this because of my Crafty Corazon crafty/etsy business I already have, and which is being neglected.  I figured, if I can't stay on top of my Crafty Corazon etsy site what makes me think I can keep up with a Vintage Clothing store? So I basically put it out of my mind.

The idea of opening up my online store popped back into my head a few months back when I had the chance to meet the very sweet Nikki form Little Bits of Nikk Nak.  I was very excited to make a connection with the ever growing Sacramento Blog circle and to also meet a blogger I follow.  She recently took the plunge and opened up her online store, Little Bit Vintage.  I spoke to her briefly about hers store and her advice on opening up my own store.  She gave me the best advice, she basically said "Just do it, but its definitely hard work."  I secretly decided to just go for it, but I had no idea where to begin or even how to begin. The universe decided to lend me a hand and made up my mind for me.  I came across an opportunity that I could not pass up.  I am teaming up with friends to make our dreams come true.  We decided to work together and make it happen, soon, very soon.

I will post more on this venture shortly, but for now I am just excited to say that I feel I am on the right path in life.



  1. Congrats, and good luck! Stick with etsy, I love my shop but getting traffic is really difficult! I figure the worst that can happen is that it doesnt work out, and with an online shop, you really aren't out that much! Just remember to have fun with it and pace yourself. My bf always reminds me that right now its just a hobby, so I don't let myself get to stressed about it all.
    let me know if I can help!

  2. @nikkibit. Thanks Nikki. I have definitely been stressing a little, but then I read this and relaxed. I will keep it as a hobby and will always make sure its fun. Once it stops being fun, then it's not worth doing anymore.