Sunday, April 25, 2010

As of late...

So once again I have failed to keep up with my post, but before you all go an dump me, let me explain.

First the month started off extremely well. Mr. J and I went to see the King Tut exhibit at the De Young in San Francisco. It was amazing! We had a really great time and we ate at this really wonderful little hole in the wall and we will definitely visit again.

After that, family visited, and that was a blast. Mr. J and I went to Napa for the first time and we are completely hooked! I love the vineyards and the loveliness of the whole wine drinking scene. Napa is a little pricy for our blood, but we will treat our self once in a while.
After the Napa weekend whirlwind Mr. J and I went on a little adventure and found that green living isn’t as hard as we thought. We got a nice surprise when we were able to become a little greener with this mower.  Its an electric mower, and we were able to recycle our old ugly gas mower when we pick this one up.

The weekend that followed was also very exciting and I could not get a second on the computer.

More recently our adventures consisted of a day out in the sun at UCD for the annual picnic day. Mr. J and I celebrate every year because picnic day marks the day of our first “official” day as a couple 9 years ago. On top of picnic day, we have made it our mission to attend as many wonderful concerts as our wallets allow us to. One recent concert we attended was “Atoms for Peace” IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!! If you don’t believe me, google review and find out for yourself.

 As of late our house has been taking most of our energy and effort, we took it upon ourselves to work on our little casita and little by little make it our dream home.
Till next time.
Have a wonderful Sunday!


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