Thursday, April 8, 2010

I lied..

And I am sorry. I had said that I was going to try to post a lot more, and I failed completely. So March was apparently not my month. Bad news came pouring onto our lives like a flash flood that we barely paddled our way out of. I am so happy that April is here and I can move past the craziness that was March. Yet even though I failed to post more in the month of March, I was able to get some stuff going with my little Crafty Corazon creations. I needed a lot of quiet time in March, so during these quiet sessions I was able to create a lot!
Lemme share some goodies with you now.

I started the month making a cute little frame as a “thank you” for a friend. I love Calaveras and use them a lot in my art work and here is one of my favorites so far.

We had family visit from southern Cali (YAY!) and I took advantage and created a cute little Easter basket for my little nephew. We are short on cash right now so I made him an Elmo blanket ( I will post more on this later) an Elmo finger puppet and a bought a ton of Elmo books. It was an Elmo extravaganza!

After creating the Elmo finger puppet I decided to make more finger puppets because they were so fun to make. Here is my Frida Kahlo puppet and my five little Speckled Frogs puppet. Both of these will be available on my Etsy shop, once I get it back up.

So all in all I am glad March came and went, but also grateful that I was able to get some things going. April will be awesome! I can already feel it. I love spring and summer because of all the events and activities that each weekend holds.
Con Amor,

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