Saturday, March 5, 2011

Birthday Recap

It has taken me almost a month to post something on my birthday.  Here is a recap of the wonderful, amazing, birthday celebrations!

On the actual day of my birthday I received tons of birthday wishes via facebook, text, phone calls, and all the wonderful teachers and students at my school.  It was so nice to feel all the love.
My co-workers and I went out for a bite to eat and a few cocktails, which was great.

The weekend celebration consisted of yummy wine, food and a swinging good time!  We started off the night at a really great wine bar in Sac.  58 Degrees and Holding is a great little place that I will definitely visit again soon. After we had a glass of wine and ate the BEST bread and cheese ever we moved on to dinner.  For dinner we visited Zocalo, a yummy mexican food restaurant.  Here we were serenaded by the wonderful mariachis and where I received my birthday flan. YUM!

Later we moved to swing dancing.  It was fun to meet up with friends from the bay, they are always so fun to hang out with.  The live band was really cool, but we left early because I was exhausted by the end of the night.

The following day we went wine tasting!  It was so great to participate in the "Port and Chocolate" festival at the Old Sugar Mill, a great little winery super close to our house.

Lastly we ended my birthday month with a great concert.  We had the chance to go see Celso Pina live!  It was so much fun and so amazing!

All in all I was very happy to celebrate with the people who truly love me.  I am grateful for all the amazing people in my life.  Mil Gracias!!!!


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