Tuesday, March 29, 2011

E tu March?

Every single month of this very young year has left me wondering where time has gone!

March has seemed to passed by with a rapid "woosh!"

I cannot remember what exactly happened in March.  I hate how time seems to be accelerating as the school year progresses.  

Here are a few little notes on what happend in March, or so I hope :-?

I hope April lingers around as long as possible. 

Our classroom had a very cute visitor.  This little guy made me want a new pet!

The above cutie wasn't the only visitor my classroom received.  Sneaky sneaky!

Mr. J and I had a very yummy Mocha shake at our favorite dive "The Gatsby"

Not so happy animals adorned with silly hats.  It was a little hard to concentrate on my drink. 

April will start off great!  We will be in another state, visiting an amazing friend, and crossing off three things off my bucket list!


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