Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why Do You Blog?

The other day I was asked "Why do you blog?"   It took me a second to think of something but it made me realize how much I enjoy posting and sharing my ideas, creations, and thoughts with everyone.  When I answered I didn't want to sound self centered, but I really do enjoy posting about what happens in my little world.

One reason I blog is to connect and meet new people.  I have run across so many interesting and amazing people through the blog world.  I am always inspired by how much creativity and originality is out in the world.

I know that the answer to why I blog is basically "all about me" in the sense that this is my way of keeping a catalogue of my daily happenings.  My blog allows me, and sometimes pushes me to strive for adventures and to explore new possibilities.  I often find myself looking at things different because I think to myself "how can I post this?"  I really do enjoy blogging and I hope that my followers enjoy my little rants.  I hope and dream that one day my blog will evolve into one that is more professional and more streamlined, but for now I am thrilled with my little space on the web and I am always happy to post something new.


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