Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I finally bit the bullet and purchased a silkscreening kit.  I have been meaning to try screen printing at home but I was a little intimidated.

I found the Speedball Super Value Fabric Screen Printing Kit on Amazon for a great prize, I just had to have it. 

I was very happy to get my new crafty thing.  I was able to purchase the reflector and a lightbulb at my local ACE hardware, I swear they have everything there. 

I whipped up a quick design on my computer for our 4th/5th grade science camp and was ready to try things out.

I dont have a dark room and wouldn't know where to start so I just closed all the shades in my craft room, sprawled out on the floor and was ready to start exposing.  

The emulsion was ready and I spread it over the screen.  I exposed it under the light for about an hour and half (he bulb wasn't as strong as I hoped for) I cleared the screen in my shower with my hand held shower head.  The screen was ready and I was ready to print. 

I am sad to say that it wasn't a great print, but I know exactly where I went wrong.  Next time I will...
A) spread the emulsion on the screen thinner
B) Expose the screen for a longer period of time with the proper wattage bulb
C) Make darker, more defined lines on the image.

I am really excited for the possibilities.  I cant wait to get printing!!!



  1. LOVE my shirt....even if it is not perfect, I LOVE its character and that YOU made it :-D

  2. Sweet! I've always dreamed of having my own silk screening kit!

  3. Cool, I can't wait to see what else you'll come up with.
    -Su, long time reader making herself delurk today

  4. Thanks Su! I am finally back on here. Glad you like it. :)

  5. Thanks Erin. Check out Amazon, I found this kit really easy to use and it was inexpensive too :)