Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hoo Loves Owls?

Recently I have been drawn to anything and everything with owls. Like I have said before, I jumped on the “bird silhouette and bird everything” trend, but this is different. I have been exploring the web and looking for new inspirations to begin to create and I keep coming back to cute little owls. I have been very inspired by these wonderful beautiful creatures.

How can you not love all these wonderful things?This are great sticky notes, but far too cute to write on.

What about this beautiful postcard which anyone would love to receive.I

 think I might try to free hand this little owl on my wall, but I am not sure which wall to choose. I think it would look good in my art room, but we will see.

And finally, THIS! I love this little necklace. has amazingly cute things. I need this necklace, maybe for my birthday in February *hint *hint.

So now that I have the needed inspiration I will see what I can come up with. I’ll make sure to post some creations, once I get around to actually creating things.

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