Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Thrifting We Will Go.....

Hello blog world, I have been thinking of you kindly. Its been almost a week since I posted anything, and frankly its because I have been busy. I am super excited that I have been busy, mostly because busy means money to pay the bills. I have been subbing and have loved it. On top of subbing I have also been attending class. I graduated in December, but I am taking an American Sign Language class as well as a World Geography class (because it sounds fun).

I have been up and about all around town these past few days. Rewind!! Last weekend Mr. J and I had a thrift store extravaganza. Mr. J is so wonderful because he went with me to 3 different thrift stores and never once complained.

Here are some goodies I found at my new favorite thrift store, which I am happy to say that is crazy close to our little home.

Awesome, beautiful pair of vintage suit cases. These are wonderful and will be up on Etsy shortly, well if I can bare to part with them. 
I also picked up this nice cross for $2.  Its super heavy, which means I have no idea how to hang it up on the wall.
 So these are some goodies that I found last weekend, Ill post what I found this weekend in the coming week.  I also have a sneak peek at my new project.  Can you figure out what I am going to make?  *Hint* its going to be a gift for my cute little nephew ;)

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