Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weekend Adventures

I have been away for a little bit. Its been crazy for me because I find myself frantically applying for jobs and then being completely depressed when nothing flourishes from my attempts. But just because my life is being consumed with looking for a job doesn’t mean me and Mr. J haven’t had time to escape. This weekend was a fabulous one. Mr. J and I had the opportunity to meet up with friends in the little town of Davis, which is about 15 min away from Sacras. It was a gloomy day but being with friends made it seem as though the sun was shinning bright. Previous to the little get away, we celebrated “Dia de los Reyes Magos” with friends. I was the lucky one who found the baby in the bread and now I have to through a party, which I don’t mind because I love hosting.

Anywho, here are some photos of our little adventures. So far 2010 has been good to us.

UCD library fun. I love the UCD library, its so beautiful.  Mr. J and I just relaxed and reminisced about our days as undergrads.

Here are some pics of some pretty things I found at the Thrift store, unfortunately it was crazy packed and we left so I didnt get ot purchase anything.

On Sunday night Mr. J and I decided to conquer one of our puzzles, and failed miserably LOL.  We are currently working on another puzzle and are doing very well. 

-Pita...Ill keep you posted on Job stuff :)

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