Saturday, January 9, 2010

Little Book Worm

I am a library nerd. If I had not decided to become a teacher I think I would have been a librarian. I worked in a library once upon a time and I loved it. I cant help but miss the feeling of being in the library for 8 hours a day, it was amazing. This said I am extremely excited that our neighborhood library will have its grand opening tomorrow! I will be there to celebrate and sign up for my very own library card. Any good reading suggestions?

Photo by austinevan


  1. I'm addicted to libraries. My boyfriend has to keep me away or else I walk out with more books than I could possibly read. Yay for library lovers!

  2. lol, I actually have to take out a library card in my boy's name tomorrow because I have soooo many fees I just don't want to deal with them anymore! I was really good at keeping up until Alex. Now I have to remember to turn in his books, my books, his videos (they are not cheap). My husband tells me to stop being silly and just pay up but I don't think he knows how much I actually paid last year in fees! But yes!! I love the library! Have you ever heard of

  3. @ MME: Thanks. I love libraries! And I agree Yay for library lovers :)

    @Palmyra, aww your sons 1st library card, how amazing, time flies.