Wednesday, June 2, 2010

And so summer starts

I am happy to say that I finally feel like I am on top of my things, everything, well except the whole no job thing. I have been on an upward movement lately. I have come to the conclusion that I have cycles of being “up” and also “down” swings. I love the ups, but the downs are hard. May might have been a “down” time for me, it was so hard to get it together, the only thing that helped me was the constant subbing and being in the classroom, which always puts me in a great mood. Now that May is over I plan on taking June on! My spring was absolutely fabulous! We had such a good time, maybe this is why I couldn’t find time for my crafts and my art? Here are some pictures of our adventures.

 May Day March 2010, State Capitol
 Mr. J's amazing daily drives for work
  My next pet, they were on sale at the Strawberry Festival!
 Went to an AMAZING concert!  Que Viva Julieta!
 Yummy goodness at the Strawberry Festival

 I cant complain about our crazy spring, it was great!  Summer will be even better, I can feel it, camping, picnics, drive in movies, beach bunny bingo and much more! Woot woot.

Will be back later today to post on my crafts and my hope to participate in Park Your Art, as well as my attempts at an Etsy shop.


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