Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So Im back!

Its been an amazing week and weekend. My hubby and I celebrated our one year anniversary as a married couple. I was tempted to post one of those “on this day I married my best friend” blog, but decided that just wasn’t me. I did how ever update my status on facebook to read “a year ago today I married the love of my life”, which is completely true. Its amazing to look back on this year and see how our relationship changed. I didn’t believe when people told us that “things would change” once we were married. My hubby and I lived together for 3 or 4 years before we were married and we have been dating for 9 years, so I thought, “what could change?” Our relationship changed, somehow it grew deeper and our love intensified. I am grateful for having such and amazing man in my life.
We also celebrated our amazing and beautiful friends and family that traveled all the way to Mexico to celebrate our wedding with us. It’s amazing how many beautiful people there are in life. I truly feel blessed.
So I guess I killed two birds with one stone. I just let you know one thing about me, but I do owe 4 more random things about me, and I also let you all know why I had left.
Enjoy and I will come back later on tonight, or so I hope, and post more craft pictures or maybe even a DIY tutorial.

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