Thursday, June 24, 2010

What its come to

I returned from my mini vacation from Yosemite in a very unmotivated state of mind. You would think that because I went to such a beautiful place I would love to create beautiful things, or at least write about them, but for some reason or another I cant get the mojo going.

One thing that can be contributing to this hesitant state of mind could be my constant, I really mean incessant, job hunting. If I am not on-line looking for work, I am thinking of finding a job, talking about finding a job, and just plane being consumed by this endless hunt for employment. I recently (not so recent, December) graduated from my CSUS credential program. I secretly have always wanted to be a teacher, but those dreams were shelved for a quick second. In college my aspirations were to become a Lawyer, challenging the system and its corruption and all that jazz. After working at a law firm and in different areas of law I decided that the legal system can suck it. Law was just not for me, that isn’t to say that don’t love to discuss law, or that I wouldn’t return to the legal field, its just that I would not peruse my law degree. My career aspirations have always been fueled by my want/need to contribute to my community, mi Raza. After deciding that a Legal degree was not for me I went back to my first love, Teaching. I have been relentless in my pursuit of my own classroom and job at a school, but unfortunately our education system has been knocked out by the one-two punch of the effed-up economy. I have come to the realization that more than likely this coming school year I will not be employed in the education field, other than as a substitute. My job hunt has now been expanded to grasp all fields where I can qualify to apply; mainly legal, admin and clerical. I have had some leads, and fortunately my friends have been really supportive and have given me heads up on some possibilities. I am really excited about one possible employment opportunity, but I will only share this once it evolves and becomes a Yes/No thing.

Going back to my blogging. Recently I decided to write something about me, daily. What was I thinking where I decided to do this? Sleep deprived maybe? Well technically since this is my blog I already to write about “me” therefore this idea is completely redundant. Today after a long day of “trying to fix my moms flat tire after the tow truck picked it up” game I came up with another gimmick idea. I decided that I would create a new category for my writing. Some of my favorite blog crushes do it. Ten things Tuesday!!! That’s what I came up with. Every Tuesday I will write 10 random things about me, my life, my creations, life in general. What do you think???
I know its not Tuesday, but being that the day of the week does start with T I will make an exception and write 10 things Thursday tonight.
See you then.


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