Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Happy Summer Days

Hello All!!!!
June has been a good month. I have been crazy busy crafting up a storm to participate in my first ever craft fair/art fair. I created a lot of cool things, ill post some pics.
I am doing good, not great, still looking for a job. I have applied to many positions, but unfortunately I have not had any luck. Thinks are really hard because so many teachers are out of work and are having a hard time. I think that by the end of the month I will start looking for “other” jobs, ie admin jobs/office jobs/ legal jobs. Its hard to come to the realization that perhaps my dreams of having my own classroom will have to be shelved for a little bit. I have been keeping my head high, and looking on the bright side. I will one day have my own class, but for now I will just keep on looking and hoping for the best.
I am happy, which is wonderful.
Here are some pictures of my crafts and my view from the Second Saturday Park Your Art event.

Have a good week.


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